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fanny & david in the dessert; kootenays destination photographer

We had some couples' fun with Fanny and David in the desert. We're from Rossland, they're from L.A., we found each other on Instagram and met in Joshua Tree.  How amazing is that? 
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molly deer; kootenays grad photographer

Molly is one bad-ass actress. 
Her shaved head and soft eyes inspired our interplay between feminine and masculine, light and dark, strength and vulnerability.  As exploring roles comes naturally to Molly, we came up with the idea of playing a fawn for her grad portrait session.  A little bit soft and a lot wild.  I reflected these qualities by adding soft light reflections and natural elements to an industrial backdrop.  Floral and a bad-ass shirt.
Annnnd, I'm pretty much in love with what we captured together.
I don't think I've done a "typical" grad portrait session.  For example, the senior at the park with the wild hair, the guitar-playing gypsy at the beach and the waterfall girl who's already a certified yoga instructor.  I'm more interested in playing with one's uniqueness.
What do you love that makes you you?  Let's play!