love & lifestyle photography

maternity at the river; christina lake vacation portraits

Jill, her maternity bump, some belly laughs in a swampy river and some pretty low light make for a lovely combo.
Albertan Jill reached out for vacation, maternity portraits at Christina Lake near their families' property.  We discussed wardrobe and locations to bring her vision life.  I love collaborating.  I love my clients.
I think she's having another girl.  What do you think?

cole's grad portraits; kootenays photographer

When I look at this boy, I see the blonde toddler that seizured one evening while vacationing in the same spot. I prayed over his little body aloud while Grandpa rushed him to the water to cool his fever.
I see his dad at grade 10 grad with hair in place, wearing a 3-piece suit for the first time, adjusting his date's corsage.  I see my oldest brother with the swagger to attract loads of girl-attention at the same beaches.
But mostly I see a warm heart, kind eyes and God-sized potential. Everything you need is already in place.  This is my nephew Cole and he's graduating this year.  Sniff.
When - after my own graduation- I traveled to Australia, I took a locket.  I wore pictures of my brothers near my heart to keep me grounded.  And now it is nearly your turn, Cole.  Go see stuff and do stuff, but mostly, find what keeps you grounded and wear it close to your heart. 
Love, Auntie