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mama and maebel; a maternity story

sitting waiting wishing
- jack johnson 

These 2 beauties invited me into their home to document their newest adventure - baby 2!   Every session I do with these guys turns into a fave; see Chelsea's maternity session HERE and Maebel's newborn imagery in my "baby" portfolio HERE (look for mama's tat;) and their latest was no exception.  I can never get enough of Maebel's adorable-ness or Chelsea's style.
Your one lucky new baby, baby!

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international women's day; kootenays photographer

Happy International Woman's Day!
This day is a celebration of my voice and those of my sisters.
From Agnes to Anais.
Agnes was my story-telling grandmother, who made her way to Canada as a political refugee.  She stands for the past.  Anais is my daughter, named after said grandmother.  She stands for everything that comes be-fore me.
From stay-at-home mom's to my fellow boss babes.
Women, there is so much hope!  I am so encouraged by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the Women's March and the growing tide's of change. I am learning to share my voice.  Speak up.  We have a voice for a reason. And the chorus is getting louder.
These captures are from a collaboration with myself as stylist and photographer, the talented designer and model Hannah of The REcollection and boho hair and Makeup by Emily Kjelshus.  Hannah's wares are also sold at boss babe Trinda's Curiosity Clothing.  And I found the vintage gown at our mostly female-volunteer run Rossland Thrift Store. These are just a few of the local women whom I admire.
Lift while you climb, ladies, lift while you climb.
We celebrated with a styled session.  How are you celebrating International Woman's Day?