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CHRISTmas cards

modern red scroll "Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year" . white snowflake overlay "Happy Holidays" . simple red bow "Merry Christmas" . green "Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year" . funky pattern "Happy Holidays" . cocoa "Away in a Manger"

You may, like I, be thinking of getting a wee-one back to school. For us, it's kindergarten! But in photo-world, unbelievably, now's the time to get your FRESHphoto session especially if you're intending to do
Christmas cards
FRESH offers 6 stylish designs in 4x8, including envelopes in 20/50/100s; allow plenty of time for design and posting! Do double-duty; framed prints and coffeetable family albums also make great presents and FRESHgift certificates are treasures for any age.

Think skateboard shoot for teen boy, cookie-bake shoot for grandma and newborn shoot for pregnant sister. And you'll see a return when the images arrive. Happy back to school all!