love & lifestyle photography

Great double-shoot yesterday & looking forward to a repeat performance today:

An assistant is good for more than just holding a reflector (or camera once in a while)! At least Whitney is because she's quite lovely and seems to be made to model (she's good at the other stuff too). We went out to do a few "grad" and "trash the dress " sessions on a crazy whim and she managed to wrangle 3 appropriate looks in less than 23hrs notice. Did I tell you this girl was good?
Just wait till you see the images; I'm giddy!
To top it off, we met a one of my favorite family's (repeat clients for those that recognize Cole & Kaeli). We found a little wheat, a little mountain and a little more water to get gorgeous last-of-light reflection. These guys always make it easy for me because they're so darned cute - you'll see! Pictures to come.
And today we do it all again with Dory & Amy's golf course wedding. Thank God for the weather, seriously!