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always learn; learn always

j cannot drag me away from the computer these days. what can i say: i've learned some killer tricks and it's darn cold outside anyways. so my annual hibernation has begun a little early - perhaps i'll emerge sooner (what? you don't believe me?)
seriously, i think my art is really coming of age. i am finally able to execute work i have long admired from my fave photog's (some who don't get out of bed for less than 10,000 - think i could command that in the kootenays?) problem is, i want to overhaul the site pretty much weekly. can you say control-freak? other problem is, i'm back at the desk, making the butt-crease ever deeper while the chillun run around like animals. i like to call that "encouraging independant play".
keep checking back to follow my progress.