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You cannot over-estimate the power of good portraits. I dragged some very loyal photo friends out out out to my newest hot-spot (dying to shoot there since I discovered it in summer) for some of my own FRESHfam & sweet PR shots. (Hope I wasn't too bossy!) It is such a good exercise to be on the other end of the lens for a change. Seriously, I have nothing of my family together. You know the cobbler's kids always go without shoes!
And, now we have shoes, darn good ones at that! I'm talking Jimmy Choos here. But I have been staring at them every chance I get: is that egotistical? Am I sharing too much?
I only have some crumbs to share - I do have to sleep you know! - but they're tasty crumbs. Or are they shoes? See, I'm mixing my metaphors, it must be late!
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And, you know you have to call me now,
I won't let you go another Christmas without shoes!

Forever greatful to Whitney & Dirk for a fun fun fun shoot for FRESHgirl!