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FRESHphotography on facebook; I'm a fan!

I became a fan, of myself, FRESHphotography today on facebook. How weird is that? Of course, I also became a fan of slurpees. What does that say? And don't ask me to pick favorites, because, that's just too difficult!
I would encourage you all to become fans as well, of FRESH, that is! Who couldn't use a few more friends?
This is another chapter in a little thing I like to call "business sense", of which I have little natural aptitude "advertise? you think?". So when a friend, who knows a thing-or-two about that world & also did our photos (what a good friend!) suggested I get FRESH on facebook, I signed up. Except my page looks very white and lonely and he & I are the only "fans".
Please help me fill some space and not make me look so lonerish. I can handle it in real life, but it's so terribly sad in the digital world!