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as my 3yr old says, but not so often, "i so ha-pee"!
back to work after a weekend mostly "off" and spent with the family i forgot i had! we did nothing much but crossed the border yesterday where i found pumpkin spice coffee creamer which rocks my world! it's the little things in life.
and today i found a gift for mom's 60th this month. if you know my mom, you know she's a little hard to buy for but you also know she makes 60 look good! i seriously think she is growing more beautiful; a picture of grace. i'll do a shoot with her this year but there's currently 30hrs separating us:(
i also discovered, and knew this before, that even my photographer mentors find family shoots a huge stress. sorry families. many of the big-shots, in fact, no longer shoot families. after my own kids' shoot, i so totally got it, again (did i forget last year already?)
so i dress the kiddies up in clean, new clothes and head out to some local hot-spots. well, mommy turned into photo-zilla, as if expecting my own offspring to "get it!" as if encoded in their dna. "sit there! look here! no ryder! not there!" basically, i had my own 2 crying before i came to my senses and let them "loose". they made humongo leaf piles and jumped in them with abandon. of course i was too tired to keep shooting; you'll see the versions "before-and leading up to-tears". so mommies, i get it, don't do what i did!
and did i mention that ryder is potty-trained; hip hip horrah!
that's why i so ha-pee"