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Technically, it's still our anniversary week, so this one's for you J:

After 13yrs, we didn't even buy cards for each other (actually, I think we made this agreement last year as well). Anyways - don't be sad - this isn't our new tradition, but a comment on our level of comfort with each other. The greatest thing about having some years behind you - or at least one of them - is your confidence in each others' love. And, with hope, we'll continue to learn about and do the li'l things that spell L-O-V-E to each other daily. (To be truthful, I have some catching up to do!) Thanks for making morning coffee, even though the coffeemaker may have turned off by the time I get to it. OK, by the time I wake up!

-vintage J & C when our hair was big-

You'd have to know us as a couple to know what a comedy show we can be, admittedly, sometimes tragically so. We don't exactly share a lot of hobbies. He's outdoorsy and I'm, well, not. We don't agree on acceptable sleep & wake times. Our daughter (who's like him, waking with a smile and gumption each morn) has called me "nocturnal". We don't rent the same movies or listen to the same Satellite radio station. I like romantic-comedy ONLY and boppy music, he likes country movies-and-music (even the twangy kind). Nor do we learn in the same ways. He's a patient reader of instructions while I just try to wing-it. This has made for some interesting recipe outcomes over the years. And he has been gracious enough to eat most of it! He's linear, I'm cyclical.

But here's where the made for each other part comes in and love and adoration for my husband oozes as I write this:
We agree about whom we base our faith. We believe God is not a religion and that Sunday is not his only day. We agree that nachos is a dinner staple (I think). We share a morbid fascination with planning in event of our deaths. We share ambitions about our children and how to get there. We plan to RV across North America, schooling our kids along the way. We love our newly adopted home-town (even if for different reasons). We want to live intentional lives, with priorities that we're not ashamed of. We agree that a drive with the kids' DVD player on constitutes as a date. We'll quietly love each other forever. We share a desire for a pad in Sandpoint for some serious recreation. We share a low-tolerance for chaos and stress. And last but not least, we have a no-limit Starbucks-and-hardcover-book clause to our marriage that makes it all work! (And, stemming from our dating years, we still agree NOT to resort to a minivan nor drive an El Camino)

Happy Anniversay Babe; I love you more! And yes, I'm the bigger dork!