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christmas at the FRESHhouse

thought i'd go funky-festive this christmas. i like newness but not at the expense of that down-home warm-fuzzy feel of the holidays. so what to do to keep it fun & familiar? here's my solution: purple & red
my self-portrait: it's great behind the lens - you rarely have to check your hair!

i like the idea of offering gifts, but when you don't have the cha-ching for gold, frankincense & myrrh? home-made goodies gets em every time. i don't enjoy the kitchen, except when baking, and most especially christmas baking. except i've been celebrating since halloween when chocolate first reared it's ugly - but tasty - head.
home-of-health-nuts rossland must be rubbing off on me for what do i make for christmas treats but the seedy, nutty, flax-infused, berry goodness of Cranberry Hazelnut Raincity Crisps. just because i don't live in the rainy city doesn't mean i can't indulge in it's treats, does it? email me for this indulgent crisp courtesy my friend leah (also not of the rainiest city on earth) and pair with your fave fruit, soft cheese and bubbly beverage. (raise your glasses) here's to you! and...

anais & ryder are showing off their names on their mini chalk-board tree decorations. just thought i'd share for those of you who don't get to share in our version of christmas. may the baby, born in a stable, be real to you this christmas.
ps, excuse the delay if i can't return your messages asap. i'll by busy eating crisps, hugging family i haven't seen in a while and generally wooping-it-up.