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here's why karma doesn't cut it:
just after I gave this lovely girl with her paperbag (who I happen know has special needs') a bill (even though she's not my papergirl), I must have dropped my cel phone on the street, which consequently got run over, not that I know because I only retrieved it after-the-fact, that's after I had to drive all the way back up the mountain to pick up my daughter from school and drive all the way back down to search for the, now mangled - but thoughtfully picked up by a stranger -phone which happened to be right by the phone store (is that karma?; no that's irony), where I found a phone on sale (is that karma; no that's the commercialism of Christmas).
in short, I invite you, dear friends & fans, to ponder the real meaning of Christmas which has nothing to do with our efforts (Christmas shopping included) and thankfully, nothing to do with karma, (for if this was the case, we'd all be hooped!)