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ida-ho&tel and where have all the men gone?

This post may require a little background info. I am a reforming city-slicker now raising a little family in a town of 3,500. There was city-me and the yet-to-be determined, ever changing newbe-me. If you think of a better name, let newbe-me know! I'm also raising a son, which in my opinion, changes everything. FYI, I don't consider myself pro-gun, just pro-men (and I know they come in all varieties, much like my own species). (Images SOPC: straight outta pocket camera and yes, they suck!)
Previously known in our house as the show-'n-tell, hotels have been renamed the ho-n-tell on our last Idaho weekend. Maybe at some establishments, we tell the 5yr old, but not at our fine home-away-from home complete with twinkle lights and complimentary breakfast. I think my fave thing about ho-n-telling is the fact that this ho - i mean mama - doesn't have to think about food in any form. We're talkin no groceries, no meals to plan, no recipes to botch, no cleaning up food splatter (except for on the children themselves - although sometimes I even take a vacation from that.) Can't believe I've become one of those moms.
Also can't believe Idaho has become our destination of choice. We could have kickin-it Kelowna, we could have supurb-shopping-Spokane but we choose the land of many guns, moose, and buffets known as Ida-ho. And don't let me forget this guy:
his little slogan there says: "Lowriders are for guys that can't get it up"
I think it's still the newness of it all, and for Jim, the fact that there are Outdoorsy shops larger than an American WalMart Supercenter. Seriously, it's his Disneyland. Thankfully, I had a lot of boys (large & small) to buy for while the chillun rode the cart, shootin the stuffed kill on display with their toy air-guns while mama held her ears & avoided eye-contact with passing shoppers. While city-me used to be dead-set against guns in the house, or anyone's for that matter, I find myself shopping amidst dead animals, in a house with a gun-rack (husband's office NOT the living room) and settling for my chillun just shooting animals rather than fellow shopppers.
It was really stinkin cold this weekend. May not seem related, but stick with me, this time it is! For most of the wknd, it was -16 and on our journey home, it dipped to -24. Yep, we've got our snow now. My vehicle looked like a giant marshmallow parked in front of our house, neatly shovelled all-round. Umm marshmallows.
Alas, I'm off-topic. So, in Rossland, we got 17" in 24hrs and we choose this weekend for a road-trip. Growing up in Nova Scotia, my man's not intimidated by the white-stuff. Well, I was struttin-proud of him this weekend when he pulled 2, count-em, 2 cars out of the ditch while other men in trucks drove leisurely by. Which begs a question, at least in my mind. Is this what happens to men when we take their guns away? - they become ... non-stopping-latte-sipping-passers-byers, for lack of a better term. Actually, I have a better term but have chosen not to offend city-me.
my man getting car #2 out of ditch under idaho sunset, ummm
Although killing things offends my delicate sensibilities, should we prohibit our men from doing the things we don't like? Like farting, arm-wrestling and smoking stogies? I think we should do the opposite, you know, prohibit them from sipping lattes and umbrella drinks - save the good stuff for us. {You think I'm kidding, but I'm not, entirely.} And not that there can't be any cross-over but should there be this much cross-over? Don't yell at me; I'm just askin!
I think we've concentrated on the girls for a while now, making sure to be "Sexy" wasn't their life's ambition. (Sadly, a lesson many of us parents are still failing at miserably.) But has that concentration been to the detriment of little boys? What are they to avoid?
For now, I'll let my boy shoot already-dead things with a toy air-gun and pray for the guts to raise my boy as a boy and treat my man as a man.