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. I've never suffered from dry skin; high school photos would attest to quite the opposite actually! But my hand moisturizer of late is Vaseline - not the Intensive Care lotion variety - but the petroleum jelly variety. And it doesn't even leave a greasy residue. You think it's dry here??? We're slathering it on the kids' faces too; they walk around looking like they've delved into a bucket of KFC (which makes me think of church picnics, but of course we don't have here.)

. In less than 3wks, I've received over 300 hits to my site. If this is not surprising to you, you have NO idea how small my town is! And, thank you!

. cute things: Ryder just commented: Nais' room is ve-wy ve-wy not tw-ean. no no!
While his looks like a bomb exploded. Speck and log. Speck and log.

. A fellow photog's comment to Ben Chrisman's blog (named of the top 10 photographer's in the world):

Oh my ... After seeing these I think I am going to retire my camera

and get an etch-a-sketch.

I have felt that way!

. Now that I'm out of the classroom, I can no longer spell. And you've likely picked up grammatical errors - about grammar - no comment!

I warned you it was random!