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updates:2 dear friends have had baby boys in the last little while: I'm sorry, but I already had those adorable, but very feminine, babyleggs legwarmers already picked out. You know the ones that come in purple polka dots, rainbow stripes or pink tartan? I always buy my daughter the fashions her mother has a little outgrown - or - in the case of purple polka dotted leg warmers, seriously outgrown. My mom says one should never repeat fashions you've lived through already. Wise! Could my friends not just oblige and have girls so I could buy the babyleggs? Anyways, without further adieu: welcome Kyler and Harry to the circle of friends! I'm just on my way out to find you something other than pink tartan leg warmers. ok, he looks like a he, but I'm not going there

eavesdropping: 5yr old says to 3yr old: I stand cor-rec-ted Ryder (which i consider a god-given pleasure to have overheard since I'm not likely to ever hear it again!)

you're my favorite mommy my girl likes to tell me. not: you're my favorite, mommy. but: you're my favorite mommy. should i tell her she's only got one or revel in the fact i'm her favorite?
that was a rhetorical question.