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leap year

I'm putting you in the driver's seat; scary, I know! Note the poll on the sidebar which asks what you want to see more of on the FRESHblog for 09. Particip-action; get in on the action!

for those who were concerned about the abundance of testosterone in my idaho posting, this one's for you: my children dancing around the christmas tree {the one in the pink frilly skirt is the boy; lord have mercy!}
Things are brewing big for 09: I've caved & am actually going to advertise - imagine that! - and I'm letting myself, not just dream, but PLAN for the FRESHfuture! You 09 destination brides have inspired me to leap! And, well, my baby at 3.5 is no longer a baby.
And the hubby is psyched because this means he can do the same ... except in the motorcycle racing world. How did we end up together?
on another note...
I know how Laura Inglis Wilder felt. Last night we were shoveling 5' of snow off our roof & walk {preceeded by a day of shovelling 5' off the deck}. I should have made a resolution for more manual labor in my life - now that would have been one I could keep - and oh so cheerfully, might I add!
We also have wood heat; did you even know there was such a thing in 09? And we don't even live in a cabin. Anais' little playdate actually asked her why we had such a fancy house. This after she had peed amidst the original "flying dolphin" motif in our bathroom and eaten snacks from the dilapidated kitchen; bless her soul. Seems we're not the only ones to gloss over the 2 rooms yet to be reno'ed. Made me smile.