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My little girl runs giggling into the room whenever she hears the peppy French music of this ever-running commercial on Jim's sports' channels. She's smiling before she's in the room, offering a running commentary:
"Haa, she's burned the supper" and "Oops, he forgot to turn off the water! I've done that before" and "Oh no, the tub's overflowing! Quick lady, run!"
She's very interactive with the television. And enthusiastic!
Have I ever mentioned this child's enthusiasm? Her little body vibrates with excitement over cucumbers in her salad or even the possibility of a playdate. It's quite somethin!
But here's the issue:
the commercial is for Cialis. {You know, the other Viagra?} Which is why they're always running during sports programming. Except she doesn't know that. To her, it's a comedy show set to the soundtrack of boppy music {yes, I'm also a fan of the boppy music}. Should I spring for therapy now?
For her & me both.