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q&a; obviously far too much time on my hands!

For some strange reason, I get emails and in-person comments about the site, the blog, the life I call FRESH. But you fans & friends {many technically, let's say, challenged} are oh-so-reluctant to leave comments here {facebook included}. Well, if you didn't know, photographers {especailly those based out of stinkin-small towns such as myself} live & breathe for comments. In the hopes to get you talking, here's a few morsels of the FRESHlife that aren't posted elsewhere on the site. If you have more for me, please please leave a comment below:

do you post all of your jobs? Nope - for the following reasons: time constraints, privacy issues, privacy issues, privacy issues. Sometimes I'm too darned busy {with work, life or something like it} to blog. Some clients are local professionals who would find the postings of family life too intimate for their clients' public consumption. Some are just private. There are certainly legit. concerns, for which, I'm pleased-as-punch to accomodate. I also know that fans {yours & mine} get a serious kick out of viewing the newest FRESHstories. What do you think of public postings?
on that note, do you do boudoir photography?
Interesting that you ask. The answer is: yes & no. I shoot sweet, sassy lingerie sessions for wives {not 18yr old girlfriends}, more for themselves than for their man. Couldn't we all feel ourselves a little more beautiful?
do you miss teaching?
Good question. Answer is: I'm not quite sure! One could never deduce from my "speak" , but I used to teach english at Yale {actually just a highschool on the coast}. Actually, the biggest joy was turning lit-haters into lit-lovers. I think I've just changed the focus slightly, turning self-doubters into self-acceptors. I absolutely adore helping create - & then witness - the transformative power beautiful images {not unlike evokative literature} holds for people.
do you have a studio?
Plans are in the works; for now I shoot on location. I've proudly accepted the label of the "anti-studio" but the kids aren't so little and the winters are llllooonnnggg. For the general health & wellness of those I share a roof with, I need to keep myself busy year-round. I dream of a gorgeous little pad {the likes of Nelson's LUX Shoe Boutique} but I doubt my lil Rossland could support it. We're thinking of a studio on our property so I can still do the mom-thang. What do you think I should do?
do you have an assistant?
I do for weddings; Whitney's a friend too. Let me clarify: we've become friends through a shared passion, a shared vision and a comraderie one can only get by being in photo-trenches together. She holds my reflectors, ladders, hand {kidding} and other gear while simultaneously second-shooting. Wow! I know, slave-labor!
She's in Panama right now, no doubt shooting. I can't wait for our first wedding together again. And Whit, you've earned a raise!

Here's my question, posed to you guys again: What do you want to see more of on the FRESHblog? Vote on sidebar!