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25 things 'bout me

OK, I've been resisting because what do you NOT know about me by now? But here goes {for you voyeurs out there}
1. I, sometimes, have a problem with authority
2. don't ever, never, touch my face!
3. I would snort a cucumber if I could; they smell soo good
4. some of my favority pix have been utter "mistakes"
5. I feel like I'm playing "grown up"
6. my kids are often neglected in the wedding season
7. I am soo done with babies {having my own} - I still like to shoot them:)
8. I am a lazy cook & an even lazier cleaner
9. I have a lot of good ideas, yep, ideas
10. I require a great deal of personal space
11. I'd love to be a designer but would never be able to execute other peoples' ideas {see #1}
12. not a musical bone in my body
13. cyclical thinker; wait for it because I'll probably get to the point in a roundabout sorta way
14. I hermit crab all winter
15. I don't enjoy 95% of sports
16. I enjoy the same sort of cotton-candy perfume they make for 5yr olds. You know, the "Barbie" -kind?
17. Technically, I have a dog; but I don't care for him...literally
18. My husband really hates when I write about him on the blog {not about me, but sorta}
19. I have no memory for names or faces...or numbers or forumalas or chemical properties
20. the idea of being sent back to my teens scares the ...bleep outta me
21. I'm not always a very good communicator
22. I can be a terrible friend
23. I love that I'm artsy-fartsy
24. I shop in teeny-bopper shops and I'm hardly a teenager
25. I spent 20yrs talking myself out of photography & choose to teach English to punk teenagers instead. Yeah, yeah, I know, at least we had #1 in common!