love & lifestyle photography

palm trees & sunscreen

Greetings from the land 'o:
palm trees standing tall
teased hair standing taller
cactus flowers
christmas twinkle lights year round {energy crisis anyone?}
date milkshakes
the bedazzler
hot salsa!
anorexic old{er} ladies
dog strollers
elaborate canals {built in the desert}
alarmed gates standing tallest
faithful disciples of Suzanne Somers
& lotsa bling: Palm Springs baby!

Despite the aforementioned, we're loving the desert: waking every morning to cloudless blue skies, dog walking in the adjacent field full of jackrabbits, lingering for hours at one of the pools, teaching the {deliriously happy} children about local flora & fauna, browsing innumerable shops, proclaiming "ice cream" the 4th meal of the day, emptying 2 bottles of sunscreen in 5 days, cool evening winds that grow into quiet still nights, the prospect of a number of outdoor markets {day & night}, 10 Starbucks in an 8k radius and spending each moment together.

Do you feel better now that you know I'm not ignoring you?

Yes, we've taken our sideshow on the road. {Photos & travel updates to follow; there's less wifi access than I anticipated} We thoroughly enjoyed the 7-state sampling it took to get us here: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally California. Anais read my mind, exclaiming: "I just loove places with palm trees"

I'm not completely off-the-hook, I've been redesigning the new site. Hopefully the big reveal will be next week. Please please please check back; I promise you it'll be worth it! Stay tuned...