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Good thing I have a kick-butt job!

Fans of FRESH and especially recent BRIDES -thought I'd let you all in on a FRESHidea: The new big thing in wedding photography is professional bridal portraits on a separate date {offers you more time = low stress & one more day to be a BRIDE!} These can be immediately before or after your date or even for a unique gift or anniversary. Since the idea has already proved itself to be a ragin' success, I thought to extend it to all brides {booking with FRESH or otherwise}.
I invite the chance to meet you all & plan your dream shoot in any number of unique, local spots.
The benefits of bridal portraits are numerous including considerably less cost than wedding coverage & allowing you
- and me, let's face it! - get much more creative: . Curious about trash-the-dress but don't want to trash your dress? . Lusting after those uber-romantic images? Bring the Mr along for the ride. . Don't have much picture time after the ceremony but don't want to see each other before either? Perfect! And on and on it goes... The results are magazine-worthy, heirloom images that are sure to be FRESH! If nothing else, thanks a bunch for your interest; remember me when you have babies and be sure to check out the brand spankin' new site. All the very best with your beautiful day! C