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Ryder does California Speedway

FRESHfans: I'll be posting images from our hiatus {with only some work} in sunny soCal. Expect no rhyme nor reason; I'm just sayin.
This is my racer-boy, 3yr old Ryder, living up to his name again. He checked out the motorcycle racing & even got a wave & thumbs-up by winner Matt Mladin on his own 2-wheels. Jealous friend of Jim? starting with a T?
Needless to say, his bike, full-face helmet {and room if his mother let him} is now decaled out.
He started playschool today.
He's really gone isn't he? I mean, no more chubby knuckles or ca-nkles {calf-ankles for those of you outside my family lingo}. That chubby-bunny who was, at 6mos, as wide as he was tall is gone. Adios. My baby is all growed up. I better get a go on that baby book before he off & graduates on me.
Welcome to the world of decals and wheelies. Welcome to the world of boys.