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Sweetness & Light

Sweetness & Light
My girl is pure joy: to be in her presence, to mother, and - as every photo attests- to look at! She has these sparkly Precious Moments eyes & thee cutest nose this side of heaven. Here she's checking out the fountain at Old Town La Quinta. I loved the Spanish-inspired white-washed architecture {my last house was white: inside, outside, up, down, even out in the garden!}.
What can I say - those were my shabby chic days - think I'm over it. 2 dogs & 2 kids cured that disease! I do maintain an insatiable desire to paint all natural woods - you guessed it - white! {And yes I like birch.} My friend has a hard time being around me & my white wood fetish - her father being a wood worker and all.
Back to the photo. There's even a token palm tree in the background; can never get enough of those! Every picture with a palm makes it look so exotic, at least when I get back to the West Kootenays where I may see a bloom in my yard late May, if I'm lucky.
Wonder if they make stuff out of palm & whether I'd still paint it white.
Silly me...course I wood!

wish these were massive {like previous posts}. seems i've maxed out my big uploads for the month and it's only the 2nd!