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Ryder does California Speedway post cont'd:

Apparently it's not just wheelies & decals that initiates one from babyhood into boyhood but trophy boogies, impressive burps & eating foreign objects. And that was just this afternoon. Apparently raising a boy means reading a lotta books about raising boys and still being surprised daily.
When my daughter {see sweetness & light below} wants to impress me, she stands on a chair & recites a poem or attempts housework in her 5yr old way. Ry, well, he hands me the biggest boogie he could dig out of his nose as if it's his own personal sacrifice. Here mom, I'm offering this one for you. I'd rather eat it but this one's for you!
Just what does one do when they're handed such a prize?
I must be catching on to this boy-thang because I hardly took notice until I opened that boy-book again and thought, "there's a lot of things I've never confronted in my life bb {before boys}".
Such as that wad of blu-tack {stuff that secured your pre-teen posters to bedroom walls} I found chewed & discarded in the bathroom {of all places}. I should keep those little toothy imprints for proof of the madness.
What I'll never be able to capture without the video camera {and doubt, from Uncle Colin's legacy, will ever go away} though was the impressive burp I witnessed at the dinner table. Daddy had just "beep beeped" him out of his tantrum time-out when he sauntered back and offered us thee longest belch as if to say II'mmm ba-ackk!
Well Ry, we couldn't not notice you were back and Mom, you were right:
You just have to experience raising a boy!
nobody would believe otherwise!