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dirt buggie departure

I never have taken a shower.
You can’t see my shirt, it’s so covered with dirt.
And my ears have enough to grow flowers.—Shel Silverstein
And you thought I was away on some glitzy soCal resort vacation. hah! Just couldn't resist posting this sociological study. Great departure from the norm coming up in 3...2...1...
On our way home from soCal, we happened upon the Mint400 Dirt Buggie race when we were supposed to be singin: "ii'm lea-ving las vega-aaas" . With a former "racer" and a 3yr old boy, you guessed it, we were delayed for days. Day 1) Tech inspection downtown Las Vegas where we also dragged our children along the strip; Day 2) 400miles of racing through the desert followed by{as if we needed more dust} helicopters.
A little mint 400 trivia. did you know:. the "dunes" is another name for dirt? {my take on it}
. second only to the baja 1000? {that's 1000 miles! now that's just crazy-talk!}
and yes, i know of this race because my perpetually dirty-boy brother lives & breathes 4x4s {have you seen the pig-stalks-boy-in-mall commercial?}
. and that steve mcqueen helped make this very race famous?