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Tooth Fairy PSA

To pull or not to pull? While it gives me a serious case of the eebie-jeebies, my daughter is unafraid of the tooth-pull. Case-in-point, Sunday, when she yanked this tooth out of her wee little mouth in the church parking lot, squeeling with delight!

Yep, we had our first experience with the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately {or fortunately for the wee-one}, she {TF} could only find a twoonie lying around, thus breaking her budget for, umm, teeth. That's a slightly higher precedent than we - I mean, she - was planning to set. The kid has a lot of teeth!

And of course, her little brother had to follow suite.
Publice Service Announcement:
Baby Bottle Decay.
warning ...

Except he had a tooth extracted during a hospital stay after some "magic juice" and a turn with the "Superhero mask". After unsuccessfully trying the chair and the drug coctail {all the way on the coast}, we resorted to the hospital.
While these don't reflect the severity of Ry's teeth, the t-ooth of the matter is, believe the experts when they tell you:
Not even milk, as we did, periodically.
We learned just how tough our tough-as-nails kid is when the problem was only identified & fixed long after the tooth-aches began. While a similar scenerio may have leveled an adult, our Ry just kept on keeping on, only grumbling at night.

When you know better, you do better. Too bad I'm not having any more kids to practice on!

Dear God, that is not a challange!