love & lifestyle photography

i have nuttin, zip, zilch, zero.

but - if you're lucky -
i'll get my uploading issues sorted & you can view my 5yr old's pictures of all the "princesses" she saw @ the park tonight {AKA grad class of 09}. she was their paparazzi, flashing the camera in the faces of anyone who would stop for her {and a few that wouldn't}. do you believe they're still getting their hair over-done in ringlets & fancy updoes & sporting sequins like "barbie does palm springs"?
have i shared w/ you my dissaster of a grad get-up? think fuschia sequins to the floor, fuschia gloves, fuschia purse, long nails and overly-lined lips in - you guessed it - fuschia!
it's ok, i have a gag reflex too.
and, in my defence, I was voted best dressed in jr.high - that must mean something b/c 14yr old's have such quality taste!

guess that's more than nadda.