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My new fans have inspired me to new heights. I used to blog about pretty wedding favors & the comic/putrid/wise things from the mouths of my babes {will con't to do so, because that's my world}. But what I've neglected for, well - forever, is what made my WHOLE soul sing.
If not a matter of time or stress or lack of self worth - I've done the checklist - so what's my problem?
No problem actually, just small children.
Can I hear an "Amen" to that?; it is Sunday after all.
With a job description including - but not limited to - nose-blowing, ass-wiping, boo-boo kissing, snack-making, referee-ing, teeth-brushing, finger-waging, bed-tucking, hug-initiating, water-collecting and deep-exhaling - we need not add self-blaming to the list!
Despite knowing the contrary, I still feel guilt for indulging in me. When will we get over it ladies? For if "Creativity is God in us" he must be awfully cranky & neglected. I know it's true. I have girlfriends. And we talk. You know how girlfriends are when you get a few hens together in one room.
So here is something for your hen souls & mine:

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Tom Phillips was once like us - an uninspired hen ... I mean artist - who turned to doodling for the lack of ... He opened an old book and defaced it with a combination of art & found poetry.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

It is!
{btw, these are Tom's, not mine. His first book is called A Humument; A Treated Victorian Novel}
Here's how I converted many a post-pubescent-17yr-old-male-poetry-basher in my teaching days: take a page of text . read it completely . isolate words {pencil} that speak to you . make arrangement that pleases you . connect words {the "snail trail"} . utilize "empty space" for artwork that reflects found poem {yes, right over other words!}. Voila!
Happily for me and others challenged in the area of freehand, the artwork can be color or sketch or paint. I might even try a nifty little collage and modge-podge it onto a canvas.
How disorderly & rebellious! {hence the attraction for post-pubescent-17yr-old-male} I dare you to try it & email me your results. Make that a double-dare!
And to my new fans; thanks for bringing me back.