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my new stalker ... I mean FRIEND!

This is my new friend Meg {read her message below}.
I've pulled up a chair for her
. {I actuallly have a reasonable facsimile of this chair, a sweet peach number that I rescued from Grandma's, that I, umm, have every intention of getting to but have yet to recover. I'm just weighing the: picking up such a skill and suffering the "chair-coverer-extraordinaire" title forever? - or paying someone else to get the job done? I mean, if I can't get my job done, I certainly don't want anyone dropping off their jobs on my front grass like lawn ornaments.} Were was I? Oh yeah...

...since no one in the world leaves me comments on the blog {just phone, email, facetime, facebook, everything BUT the blog}, I've resorted to making you the front&centre of your own blogspace. I love HER layout & most especially her witty, lovely language. Do my keen ears perceive an accent my Meg???
I wish we could go share a chai latte over some great conversation! We would have some good chats; do you know I used to be an English teacher & love love love lit. Ohhsofew times do I get to flex my intellect lately!
I already forget why I was telling you this.
Do you ever feel like your friends just live too damn far away {shout out to Bec of Australia, Kirsten of Richmond}
or you're frustrated because you've actually never met them? If I was in the market for a mail-order/internet bride, but alas - happily married to a man - you would surely top my list my Meg. For now, we will have to settle for pen-pal & e.friend status, that is , IF you'll accept!
Now, to my anonymous stalkers...I mean readers: go give the girl some bloglove...
xox to you for now Meg.
{And have you found me on facebook yet? It's Carmen Peters Adams and/or fresh photography. And you?}

Hiya! I'm not stalking, I promise!
I'm very new to this blog thing, but I was looking through photographers blogs ( I am a photographer too.) I love your whole outlook and 'freshness!' do you have an option to 'follow' your blog?? ( Like I said, I'm new!!) I have a similar passion for vintage, Jesus, Dave Matthews band, and trying hard not to damage my kids!! ( I am writing a blog on that topic!)
Anyways, love your work, keep it up!
Meg B
Christchurch, NZ.
my blog is
I'm off to find you on facebook now... maybe that is a bit stalker-y... sorry!!