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stuff we like to do -- moi

{pocket cam alert!} Just click on an image to see the mega-version
1) Mac store display; even though I don't have a Mac! Nice trade show idea.
2) Beautiful garden chaos; love that bistro set for my patio!
So here's 'what I like to do'; version moi:
Don't stop reading!!!
I don't spend a cent; it's shopping for inspiration my friends. I shop online photography sites, and - when in California - on foot where creativity abounds. Emigrating from the city to the lack-of-city in small town Rossland, I find myself creativity-depraved {unless, of course, you like folk art or have ever found yourself on an eco-tour}.

3) I have little interest in shop-owning but displays
like these make me wanna: chunky frames & doily-art
4) This nursery idea is almost enough to break my resolve about another baby. I said ALMOST!

I realize I may have offended a great many of my neighbors here, but, by know they must know I fit into neither category. {Although I do sport cloth bags as often as I remember to put them in my car!}

5) Love this collection of collections; how 'bout you
Meg? Buttons, playing cards ... collected things elevated to collection status.
6) Pinkberry is over-priced yogurt with flavors like raspberry-pomegranate. And yes, I suppose I spent
a cent or 500; but who's counting? Stop counting!

7) Another one from Anthropologie. If you've not checked them out, proceed there NOW online. They sell a eclectic mess of things like clothes and wallpaper and candle holders. This is a sweet collection {there's that word again} of hand drawn portraits. Too bad I can't draw worth a lick!
I also lovedlovedloved Urban Outfitters for their inspirational quality but their site is less-than-inspirational. Or maybe I'm just getting old; NO, it's the former, gotta be the former.
My mother did warn - that once you've done a trend - you're less than anxious to repeat it.
I did sport the leg-warmers; but this time around they were for my daughter.

There, that' s stuff I like to do; Carmen version. Now whaddyalike; version you?