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Tinkerbell - yes I'm on a blogroll!

Today's hot temps inspired me to revisite last summer. Since then, my Tinkerbell met thee Tinkerbell AND rode a roller-coaster AND quit sucking her thumb AND lost 2 teeth AND learned to dive AND never ceases to amaze me!

Read more about her here.

And, your Attention please! Know right here, right now, that this crazy-bloggin phenom will cease to exist as of next month - June, affectionately known as Bridal Mayhem/Crazytrain/Call- Social-Services-on-neglectful-mother.

On a side-note, what do you think of painting my 5yr old daughter's bedroom limeade green? We've done purplicious and pinkalicious already.

Side-note take II, I realized some of my blog comments are being re-directed to my email and I'm sporting less passive-aggression towards you, my readers, as a result. Thanks Cat!