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Tooth Fairy cont'd

My boy has some nice teeth!
I mean, some babies have nice hair or big luscious eyes or some sweet cankles, but Ry's claim to fame are those early, even & lovely teeth. Not easy, by the way, finding a picture with his mouth open.

Although he's a mouth-breather, apparently, when the camera comes out, he holds his breath and purses his little lips. {Actually, his lips are quite good too}
After his hospital visit and ~$1500 worth of even prettier teeth, he goes for a hike with Dad & comes home with
... brace yourselves mothers...
those 2 top, front-&-center, lovely little chickletts chipped & jagged.
Kissed a nice big rock.
Well sorry buddy, you'll have to suffer the not-so-pretty-teeth this time. No more money for beautification projects! Just keep the mouth closed like you usually do for mommy's pictures. And maybe learn to breathe through your nose. Handy skill.