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baby alex

some sweet baby goodness
as you can see, i was boring li'l baby alex & he wasn't shy about showing it! this little guy couldn't wait to make his entrance & surprised his momma by coming 6wks early. {so he's 8lb's but already several weeks old!} i didn't even get to see his momma's baby bump!
having had a 9wk preemie the first time around, i found - with second baby - 9mos far too long to be pregnant anyway. my first baby was 3lb's {think tub of butter} and early; my second was 6lb's and late! and he still likes us to wait on him.
maybe i'll post big brother adam too {isn't that sweet: adam & alex}. congratulations to baby alex's family on a lovely new squishy addition & thank you for opening up your home to my props, paraphernalia & crazy antics.
for anyone considering a newborn shoot: it's ideal within the first week when baby's nice 'n sleepy. i have lots of ideas to execute on someone who can't complain ... well, not with words, anyway!