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dan & wendy story

This, my friends, is what you get when you have time with your photographer!
After 5yrs, these very-much-in-love-birds orchestrated a sweet Old Hollywood affair complete with pin-stripes, fedoras and smooth music.
Personal details were also woven into the event such as Grandma's pearl necklace entwined in the bridal bouquet.
The feeling was calm from the get-go, thanks to Wendy's preparedness. Thanks Wendy! Oh, did I say that?
No chicken-without-a-head here. They consistently ran ahead of schedule, all day long {yes I said ahead} AND let us have our way with them {you know what I mean!} So we took advantage of them! Locations, crazy antics and the crazier FRESHphotobooth {a blog-post itself.} There's so much blog-worthy material here, I'll have to double-post Dan & Wendy. Consider that a compliment!
I must get this one out before my wee little summer holiday. Excuse me if it's all over the map - there was just everything a girl could want: vibrant color & vavavavoom vintage. Which flavor do you prefer? {I do expect an answer}.