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alise {&} eric

Isn't she a vision? And yes, I got a bride in a tub. An authentic, antique clawfoot tub, sans feet!
Alise started planning for this day so long ago that we've become friends by proxy! We've done the Wedding Fairs together {her as guest myself as vendor}, she's since changed jobs, we've changed our minds {I do a lot of that!} And we finally got to her day...late July ... and it rained! It wasn't just rain but thunderstorms so angry you got wet walking across the street, even with umbrella! Bleck!
So, what else?, we shot her on her pool table in the basement.
And with her Nonna's vintage hat. Love it!
Nonna & family had been praying on their hands & knees for a break from the rain. And if one didn't believe in the power of prayer before, they certainly would after, because the heaven's parted and the sun shone for the ceremony. Would you believe another thunderstorm hit by reception time? Now that's something to cheer about.

And yes, folks, she made those for her guests. Now don't you just want to be her friend? Because she's my friend, this one's an extra big blogpost! Congrat's Alise & Eric!