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christine & travis

What's your wedding missing? Something old - check. Something new - check. Something borrowed - check. Something blue - check check.

Now what about something FRESH?

One word about Christine & Travis' bridal portraits this weekend - RIDICULOUS! And just where do we go from here? I mean - 2-dresses, trampoline, mod orange couch, grocery cart, aquamarine laundromat, forest and fruit stand - seriously - where? do? we? go?

You'll just have to see! {Actually, I'm curious as well!}

Interested in doing yours over again? Trash-the-dress without trashing your dress? Anniversary? Wedding itinerary full? There's many reasons to consider FRESHbridal portraits including FRESH is booked for your date. Don't miss out; consider FRESHbridal portraits on a separate day to focus on this kind of serious fun!
For now, I'll leave you with just another traditional wedding image you can expect from FRESH. Are you getting the picture?

{props to Sheena for assisting, marketing strategies & that mind;
love it! wish you weren't moving just when we found each other.}