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freedom ride

Let me digress from the wonderful world of weddings for a moment, to share a bit of my personal journey - the freedom ride - com'on, indulge me.
It started {in full force} with readings of The Shack and So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore, both of which, I whole-heartily recommend. They're the stay-up-all-night reads that you want to gobble up & never finish at the same time. Of course we're all on this journey called life, together, so I thought I'd share. Maybe you don't have the world's best sister-in-law/friend a little farther along the journey than yourself, as I do, to pass on her books or share what she's learned. Maybe you're farther along and have more wisdom to share with me. Please do; Lord knows I need some wisdom!
For now, just a simple, life-changing thought from Jen's most recent hand-me-down book Loving our Kids on Purpose. I suspect I'll have more to share since I'm only at page 42! But here goes:
Sin has been dealt with {and the sista's cry Thank ya Jesus!} so we no longer need to be punished or controlled {as God used to deal with his people using external controls: burning bush, plagues, priests etc}, but need to learn to manage our freedom responsibly. No need to police the guy next door, the person sitting next to you in church {if you haven't given up on that already}, your own children or even you.
Now that changes everything!
"When love and freedom replace punishment and fear as the motivating forces in the relationship between parent and child {or any relationship for that matter}, the quality of life improves dramatically for all involved. They feel safe with each other, and the anxiety that created distance in the relationship is chased away by the sense of love, honor, and value for one another." {pg 43}
Good stuff, my friends, good stuff!
But what does that look like? If you want to hear more, check out Danny Silk's read. He's not an all-theory/all-the-time kind of guy; he actually gives you examples. And with my strong-willed 3yr old boy, I'm all about the practical!

I'm stoked because I've been journeying towards freedom for a while, but now I get to take my kids along for the ride!