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zoe & ryan

Personal Trainers do Formal Wear
Zoe & Ryan, both personal trainers, came from Calgary to get married @ home {Zoe's hometown of Fernie}. Happily, Zoe's mom, an artist {see artful walls}, helped with the very tasteful planning. And personal trainers, turns out, look goood in formal wear.
It was a highly emotional day, with family still raw from the loss of the Zoe's dad. Zoe & Ryan also wrote their vows and left nary a dry eye in the house {including assistant Whit & I}. Ryan's sensitive dad reminded me a bit of my own. I just love it when men are men enough to cry. And when the men start, well, there's just no holding us girls back!
This was a full FRESHwedd {10hr's} with countless funky locations {including both urban and rural landscapes}. Can't believe our luck when Whit & I found an Airstream trailer when we scouted locations! Just one reason why, Fernie, I'm in love with you! And why FRESHbrides should consider more time for your photos - as this shoot attests - it makes a world of difference.
So we're a little all-over-the-map with vavavavoom color, B&W and a modern-retro look. Shows the variety of a FRESHshoot and I just couldn't leave anyone at home! Which one's your fave?
Doesn't Zoe look simply a-maZing? Go ahead, get inspired! ... to paint your walls, to let your hair down, to let me drag you under a bridge for your portraits!

The reception at the Griz Lodge included the FRESHphotobooth and ring-shots to die for which will have to be posted separately.