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Things I've Done Lately

TEXTED a great deal; but I'm soo s-l-o-w

WORE a cowboy hat; It was my girls' birthday & somehow she's got it in her brain that she's Lisa from The Saddle Club. She cries herself to sleep @ night because she wasn't born on a ranch. So I took her riding for her 6th & she got to ride solo! To tell you the truth, she was more brave than me. And you have to know - she's the only person in the world {OK, next to her father} - that I would put a cowboy hat on for.

BTW, this is her dad's idea of a great birthday present:
big-ass belt buckle, pink grooming set {but we don't have a horse!}, cowboy boots {real ones}, and pink scarf. Now she wakes up @ the crack of dawn {because that's what REAL cowgirls do}, wearing her gettup, eats breaky, wearing her gettup, goes to the post office, wearing her gettup, grooms her fake horse wearing her gettup. Thanks dad - you were too right

EDITED photos; it's summer; what's new?

Arranged wildflowers my kids picked; is that an oxymoron: arranged / wild-flowers? I admit it; I can't leave well enough alone.

Killed it with a shoot; INSIDE thee most coveted heritage {nevermind closed to public} building in the Koots. Could live there ...! Kick ass crown moulding, marble steps, leaded glass, arched windows, roof-top view of mtns, largest fireplace known to man ... mmm.