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common sense & common deafness

Is common sense really so common?

Nothing but a sandwich board inspired this quote. I love how our world is filled with inspiration; if only we are open to receiving it.

I'll let you know that I've still been shooting weddings weddings and more weddings. So lots of wedding goodness still coming your way here in the blogisphere. Don't worry, I'll post something else non-FRESHwedd in about ... I don't know? ... November.
That's about when I get a life.
For now, I get to travel to remote lodges, lakeside B&B's, swanky Inns and get fed better food than I know how to pronounce. It all goes by in a little bit of a blur though and I hardly realize where I am until I am home, downloading, and see it for myself on a computer screen.
Just a little sad. Are you sad for me?
Another "little sad" is that back-to-school when you can no longer deny the fact that your child is growing up. My big girl is now in all-day grade 1! But they just look so little, don't they? I mean, her backpack covers her entire torso, head and bottom. Come to think of it, they do make those things in different sizes, don't they? Wups, think she may have gotten the high school equivalent. But I just couldn't get myself to buy a "character"; I rebel against the Tinkerbells & Jonas' Brothers. Then again, I never was one for conformity.
Seems I've passed it on.
My "little guy" went to see our neighborhood audiologist today on the request of his dear older preschool teacher. She's been in the business of molding young minds for something like 30yrs; so when she made the request - I doubted, I hesitated - but I complied. Sure enough, and just what mama suspected, it's not the child's hearing but his listening that is less than the desirable outcome.
Now I really have a dilemna: what is in the best interest of the child. {For isn't that what inspires all mama's actions, all the time???} Should I inform said preschool teacher, or just feign my childs' hearing impediment for the remainder of the year? Tell me, what is in the best interest of the child?