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Bride is an elementary teacher and groom, a nature lover:

Together, they take the lovliest of photos and make for a truly memorable couple!

Not only were the bride & groom truly willing to do ANYthing {tried, tested & true!} on this beautiful day lakeside in Nelson, but first sight of the Maggie Sottero gown made me breathless. The party was ready to party {see bride's Betsey Johnson's & sassy bridesmaid with hot-pink highlights} and the brilliance of the day was not to be over-shadowed, even by the theft of camera gear mid-wedding.

I can only speak personally, but this experience {the great wedding with the dark cloud of theft}, has taught me to focus - not on what was lost - but on what I have. It has been a trying year, with hubby's back surgery, the unexpected loss of income & soaring bills, changes in friendships, and trials of parenthood. But I came home from this reception {sans gear}, to my pink-cheeked, sleeping children, reviewed what lovely images remained on my camera, thanked God for my assistant Sheena and refused to dwell.
Never have I worked with lovelier people than Danielle & Ryan, their party and their families. I also want to thank the guests who showed their support for the couple in a variety of ways. It is such people that inspire diligence and excellance in my work. And what a joy to call - what I do, what I love and my passion in practice - work. Thank you for a truly memorable wedding experience and your love & grace afterwards!

"Faith, hope & love; the greatest of these is love."