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i won! i won!

I won I won I won; well, I'm one out of seven. And I happen to know the nominee personally. But that's still pretty good right? Who knew anyone would pay attention to this silly little blog? And now I've connected with family, forged along with past friendships, formed new overseas relationships, got a little work, showed a few pictures and voila: my very first Blogger Award!
First, I'd like to thank...
Well, no, nothing like that.
If you're important to me, you know who you are. The list includes: the people whom share my dna, those whom I would choose to give a kidney, clients that trust me, strangers so bored they found me on google etc.
Without further adieu, my short-list and wide variety of bloggers to visit:
Cat woman-friend rich with wisdom & ridiculousness & whom nominated the little FRESHblog
It Started with a Haircut - young mum - with a story - who I've affectionately deemed "My Meg" & is crafty in a tres cool way
Big Bad Daddy Rant ranting about being an old school kid trying to be a new school dad
Kelly Moore - good ol' photography, Southern-style. Good as fried chicken!
Widge - young mama with far too many kids to count & even more laughs to offer
Sarah Rhoads - photo-artist extrardinaire & a little closer to home
Matthew Paul Turner - author of Jesus Needs New PR and other great reads. irreverantly hilarious
Now go give em some blog-love!