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who would steal from this bride?

2nd UPDATED DESCRIPTION FROM BRIDESMAID: Her hair was jet black and super long (past her chest) and she had a really dark tan. He was weathered looking and well tanned too with a mustache. We'd seen them walking down the main street earlier in the afternoon soo I dunno... maybe they're locals?
Who would steal from this bride?
Apparently, a 50ish man & 30ish woman with a Yorkshire Terrier {w/ pink bow} in hand. This couple came into the Nelson Lakeside Prestige, watched a wedding party practice their entrance dance into the reception ballroom, waited for the photographer {that would be me} and assistant turn there attention elsewhere and stole the camera equipment bag complete with lenses, phone, batteries, lens kit and card memory containing wedding imagery.
Whoa? What? How?
I want to express my gratitude to the amazing families of the bridal couple and guests that have supported me throughout this unfortunate series of events. And to Melissa Welsh {Melissa Welsh Photography} who has leant equipment for another packed-out month of FRESHwedd's!
For FRESHclients, please have patience as I am only able to retrieve phone or email messages at this time. And for the rest of ya, it goes without saying, but please contact me should you have any information that could help us retrieve this Bride's memories!