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Ahh, where to begin? I met a lovely role model of raw femininity & artistry & beauty when I met Barbara Wilson. I was doing a little freelance journalism when I first landed in the Kootenays and was assigned a "Barn Painting", spear-headed by Wilson. I figured I was going to photograph some large-scale mural project. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were oil-on-canvas types painting, as record-keeping, the historic barns of the Slocan Valley. {Have I mentioned I love OLD stuff?} Since my first day under her wing, I've now had a few occasions to record-keep some of Barb's own life. The latest, to commemorate her 70 years - doesn't she look radiant? - before she left the wilds of Winlaw for the shores of Victoria.
There is just something about being in the presence of Barb that inspires a world of dress-up and make-believe. She celebrates life; she celebrates possibilities. Join me, won't you, in celebrating the life of a tremendous artist, woman and friend! Happy Birthday friend; may Victoria be as inspiring and beautiful as your presence in my life!