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shhh; it's a surprise!

Look at these faces!
I couldn't wait {and Mom didn't think it would be a problem; it's not going to be a problem, RIGHT??} Because this one's a surprise for Daddy. It's already little Finn & Veiga's 2nd FRESHphoto-shoot. Masters of Cuteness! You may remember Finn's adorable curls from one of my premiere family shoots here in the Kootenays.
True to their age, these guys are spirited! This was the term of endearment my 90lb Granny {politically incorrect as she was} affectionately used for my hyper-active brother. No ADHD here - just a live demo of some stellar Kung-fo and a whole lot of adorable-ness.
And long live the spunk!
Here's living proof that photos make the perfect gift! And FRESH offers gift certificates for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, engaged and grads. What's on your Christmas list?