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candy lady

Candy candy; who wants candy?  I'm taking part in Delightfully diva-ish's brilliant Candy Exchange.  Deal is, we trade postals with one of her contacts around the world.  I get Paisley Jade, a New Zealander who describes herself  as such:  I am married to my best friend and together we have 4 kids. I love to sew softies and stuff when I can. Follower of Jesus... lover of life. - and whom spent her weekend making these...

So we pack a box of $15 worth of candy and send it off to the other side of the world.  That way, if we don't like it, our arms don't extend long enough for a cheek-slap. Hopefully, no need for the cheek-slap.  Warning Paisley Jade: this Canadian thinks fruit candies are a sore excuse for CANDY and would prefer to eat chocolate for breakfast than any other breakfast food she can imagine. {Thanks, Cat, for the suggestion - how'd ya know???}  Look forward to sending off my package to ya Paisley and getting to know you through your blog and candy choices;)  Any readers have ideas about another exchange you want to be in on?