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fall FRESHfam; the "anti-studio"

On an ominous-looking October morning, and what turned out to be one of the last snow-less days {at least on my mountain}, we resisted the reschedule and took a chance with the weather. I'd say that one worked out!
Sherri and I had been corresponding for a while and picked a date, well in advance, to meet at Erie Lake. While the clouds threatened, the sun prevailed, and shone its golden light on this family from Fruitvale.  And I think our FRESHfam shoot with kids Hayden, 9 and Brooklyn, 7 turned out about as natural as the orange October leaves, dancing in the breeze.
Dave & Sherri's kids, like my own, follow the stereo-types of their birth-order:  Hayden is contemplative and thoughtful {and quiet - which is not a term we're familiar with in our house}, while Brooklyn is a fireball {which we're all too familiar with!} with a flowing mane of hair trailing behind.  I dare you to keep up!
Thanks, Dave, Sherri, Hayden and Brooklyn, for sharing your lovely day!