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FRESHbaby Simon

I'm watching the arrival of winter, as a soft but persistant snow has been falling all day {Friday}, and working on a FRESHbaby shoot, whilst sipping an espresso a friend handed me in the coolest to-go mug.  Could my November day get any cooler than this?  Yes, I could share this delicious newborn, sweet-Simon.  Remember Janet from this FRESHmaternity shoot?  Well, young mom and obstetric's nurse Janet is a fixture in our wee town.  Many local mama's have had the priviledge of having her for their nurse.  When I commented how cute her newborn was, specifiying that they aren't all so, she was quick to retort, "They're all cute!"
I see her bedside manner is not abandoned at the door. 
And what a mama.  Her soothing shhh-ing simmered her one-week old Simon without fail.  He loved resting his little little head on her chest, and under the patchwork blanket hand-knit by his Mom & Dad. This family is so handsome!  This baby is capital L-Loved!