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jo & jason; simple-elegance, sassy, sweet

Think color - red, pink, turquise & lime; think outdoorsy elegance; think bust-your-gut laughing and FUN!  This fun-loving couple {and childhood friend of mine} chose her family's estate in the Fraser Valley to marry under paper lanterns and blue skies.  I swear Jo looked the same as when we met at summer camp 26yrs ago; only better groomed!  Her infectious laughter and charming ways were just as enticing as when she befriended me, the shy girl in neon-stripped sweatshirt and bad Mary-Stuart-Masterson-in-Some-Kind -of -Wonderful replica haircut.  From that moment onwards, she was my "Country Mouse" & I, her "City Mouse", loving nothing more than a weekend exchange from our lives that may as well have been different time zones!  Interesting that we've now switched mouse-houses and I'm urban-girl living in a small town. Hmmmmm.
Jo was the friend who taught me how to laugh at myself; what a gift!  Except I'm still not very good at it; clearly I need more Jo-exposure.
But laugh we all did on their day.  {Although I have to admit I was thrown off with the thought her big brothers might be asking what little Carmen is doing, pretending to be a photographer? Oh how childhood stays with us!}  Anywho, congratulations to my Jo and her Jason:

 "May God, maker of marriage, meld your hearts in one your world's in one" - Shakespeare
"Gotta love a red-headed bride in cherry-red patent Mary-Janes!" - Carmen
Thanks to friend Julie who 2nd-shot for this out-of-towner.  Well, formerly my town, currently Julie's town and now my out-of-towner but in town for Jo and will be for Jason.  It's compicated!  And to the couple, I can't thank you enough for letting me share your amazing day.  Makes me smile just to think of Jo in a dress; Love is grand!