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I'm in love with winter. 
For now. 
Returned from a lovely Fernie FRESHwedd in the delightfully FRESH snow.  Just wait and see their post ... to come ... in a good while ... my computer is lagging with those big-a-- files from the Mark II .... have I shared that yet?!
Anyways, I love to find out what hubby does with the kids when I'm gone {must be delicate here, he's forbid me to write about him - oh there I go, writing about him again!}.  But no worries because he always earns the points when I'm away.  Why is that? 
I called home after the wedding shoot wrapped to find he had found the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid.  He then - and this is where the points were scored - put the music on for our 6yr old Anais, drew her a bubble bath, turned out the lights and lit scented candles for her lone Little Mermaid swim in the tub. 
How could you not love such a man?
Seems I love winter and I love my man.   But I intend my love for my man to outlast my love for winter.
Good day! 

{And don't tell him about this slight indiscretion clothed in a FRESHblog post.  Ohhh, I'm in trouble now!}