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FRESHfam; dejavu

It was a little familiar shooting this adorable Rossland family.  Not only was I shooting in "my own backyard" so-to-speak, but I felt a bit of a Time Traveller, experiencing something similar to my first family.   We have the sensitive firstborn boy who is good at what he does; check.  A firecracker second son who plays second to no own; check check.  And then comes baby-girl Hannah who can carry her own; check check check.  {Guess which one I am in this little scenerio.}
We had a great time inside, outside, up-side-down. This is one sweet family; pure joy to hang around with. Between you & I, I think their oldest has got this photo-thing down; the middle-child is secure in his cuteness; and their blonde "baby" will be well protected with 2 big brothers. I speak from experience.
Thank you family, for letting me re-live my beginnings. It all makes so much sense now;)