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FRESHfam; Mika & Ellie

Les yeux!
This shoot was all about the "fromage!" as Mika, 4 Ellie, 2 & their family are French speaking.  There's actually a large French speaking population in Rossland complete with a school from a Quebecois school district.  Is there anything more precious than a wee little thing running around squeeling "Fromage, fromage"?
And by running, I mean, running!
This was our second shoot together.
And they are still running!  Mika is a smiling ball of energy and Ellie was mesmerized by the camera {or maybe it was the crazy lady speaking jibberish behind the lens}.  Needless to say, I captured those eyes in all their intensity as she studied her subject.  I think she could read that I had barely passed French 11; it becomes clear at times like these {and when I caught the wrong subway in Paris}.
Thank you Mika & Ellie, for welcoming me into your home.  Joyeaux Noel!